How long have you been riding?

Well i started riding bikes at 6 or 7 years old but didn´t start doing tricks until i was about 10 so at least 16 years haha

Biggest influences in BMX?

Would have to be my brother Brodie Knox i´ve all ways looked up to him from a young age and when i saw him riding, thats what got me into it. He has all ways pushed me with it. Scotty Crammer, Morgan Wade, Cory Nastazio and Ryan Nyquist are some of my other all time favourite riders

Where are you living at the moment?

I have just moved back from Brisbane and am living in Nelson New Zealand

What does a regular session usually consist of?

I like to ride pretty hard most sessions and do all of my biggest tricks other wise i don't feel like i've had a good ride but some times i like to just chill an just talk shit with the boys haha.

Top 3 places you’ve ridden over the years?

Would have to be Farmjam dirt jumps fairfield skatepark in Brisbane and the local Motueka park

Tell us something about your local scene?

Really chill dudes who kill it on the bike but don't take it to seriously and like to enjoy a beer or 2 which is what bmx is all about i reckon!

Favourite beverage

Banana milk, Long whites. Gray goose vodka and Fresh up big fizz

Favourite food?

kfc, butter chicken, cheese cake and doritos 

Bands/musicians you are into?

Wilkinson, The Upbeats, Netsky, Shapeshifter, Eminem and 2pac 

Pegs yes or no?

I've never run pegs not that i don't like them its just not my style i just like doing big jumps haha.

Shout outs?

I'd like to send a shout out to my brother for getting me into riding and all ways hooking up bike parts when i was to poor to get new ones haha. Garf for being an all round legend and putting in the good word for me with you and you for giving me the chance to ride for Fungus Bikes as well as Puha who i know would get a kick out of getting a mention.