How long have you been riding?

Been riding since about 16, when the local was built!
What got you interested in BMX?

Dunno, guess I was no good at skating!
Biggest influences in BMX?

Biggest influences easily Ruben, Aitkin and Nastazio

Where are you living at the moment? And where did you grow up?

What does a regular session usually consist of?

Regular session, beer, laughs, Metallica and good fucken times!
Top 3 places you’ve ridden over the years?

Tell us something about your local scene?

Local scene is ok, handful of good dudes, mainly vaginas on scooters!
Favourite beverage?

Fave beverage is obviously not water
Favourite food?

Bands/musicians you are into?

Bands, any 80s thrash, plenty of good bands  making their mark in Melbourne

Pegs yes or no?

Pegs, I don’t run them... personal preference, I don’t hate on dudes that run them!
Shout outs..

Shoutouts hmmmmm, shoutout to fungus for keeping it real, shoutout to any other cunt that wants to ride bikes for good times with rad dudes, dudes that wanna take the fun away, fuck you and your shitty attitude!