How long have you bee­n riding?
I have been riding on and off since I was a kid, I tried skating for a bit but I end up back on my bike. Between work/adulting/work..I have had long periods where I haven't ridden like when I first joined the Army I didn't ride for a couple of years.


What got you interest­ed in BMX?
Always loved BMX, when I was a kid and we lived out of town I would build my own jumps when it would rain I would play Dave Mirra freestyle BMX on PS1 that would always keep me keen.


Biggest influences in­ BMX?
Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Doyle, Van Homan, Mark Webb.
The people that I ride with.


Where are you living ­at the moment?
Wodonga, Victoria...until June.


Wh­ere did you grow up?

Grafton, NSW


What does a regular s­ession usually consis­t of?
Keeping an eye on my 4 year old Xander and teaching him new stuff.
If he's not there I like to flow around for a bit and Fuf everything, once that's done I start working on old stuff or new stuff....trying not to get hurt.



Top 3 places you’ve r­idden over the years?
The Village...the mini there is awesome.
Grafton Skatepark.
Fairfield Skatepark in Brisbane.


Tell us something abo­ut your local scene?
I wish it was still Brisbane. BMX is a very small scene here in Wodonga.
Favourite beverage?­
Beer or something Grape


Favourite food?­


Bands/musicians you a­re into?
I like a lot of different music.
Tech Nine, Twiztid, 5 finger death punch, disturbed.


Pegs yes or no?­
I get so bored without pegs, I don't know how people do it.
Mainly run 2, atm 3 I dabble with 4 every now and then.

Shout outs?
Fungus bike Co for giving me the opportunity to ride for them. Chris Courtenay , Brock Horneman Nathan (Lanky) Philips, Josh Hellwege, Nick Brown, Leeton Kleingeld, Ben Thompson and everyone else I have met and ridden with through BMX, most of all to my wife Amy for putting up with me.